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Strike Authorization Ballot Approved by Alaska Airlines MEC

April 26, 2022

On April 21, the Alaska Airlines Pilots Master Executive Council (MEC) unanimously voted to approve a strike authorization ballot. While the pilot group is not on strike now a “yes” vote will authorize the MEC to call a strike if mediation is unsuccessful, all the procedures of the Railway Labor Act have been exhausted, and the National Mediation Board allows the Alaska Airlines pilots and management to exercise self-help at the end of a cooling off period.

In this episode, host Strategic Communications Chairman David Campbell speaks with MEC Chairman Will McQuillen, Negotiating Chairman Chris Gruner, and Strategic Planning Chairman Ronan O’Donoghue about what this ballot means and why the MEC felt management’s actions at the bargaining table make this step necessary.

Listeners may find this flow chart of the Railway Labor Act’s negotiations process helpful.

Family members of pilots are encouraged to learn more through a committee designed for them. Please go to and follow the FONE link found on the top right margin.

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