The Alaska Pilots Podcast

Private Mediated Negotiations End

September 24, 2021

After three days in private mediation with Alaska Airlines, the talks ended on September 20, 2021. ALPA’s negotiating team had suggested private mediation—employing the assistance of a private mediator who is a nationally-known labor relations expert well versed in the airline industry to explore whether any efficient pathways to a comprehensive agreement existed. ALPA proposed this process to explore every avenue to address contract goals consistently voiced by Alaska pilots, but unfortunately the Company’s positions did not reflect the commitment required to move negotiations constructively forward. The pilots’ union has been clear that substantial improvements to both job security and work rules are essential; pilots have serious concerns over both of these contract areas, and these sections are clearly deficient when compared to other pilot contracts in the industry. These areas have been addressed by management teams at peer airlines where they have agreed to significant improvements over what the Alaska pilots currently have.

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