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Bidding and Bid Award Process for EIL, REIL, ELOA, and EO Retirement

July 5, 2020

Bidding for the recently negotiated Letters of Agreement (LOA) for Extended Incentive Lines (EIL), Retirement Extended Incentive Lines (REIL), Extended Leaves of Absences (ELOA) and the Early-Out Retirement Program offered by Alaska Airlines to its pilots is underway and will close on July 15 at 09:00 PDT.

In this episode Strategic Communications Chair, Capt. David Campbell speaks with MEC Chair, Capt. Will McQuillen; Negotiating Chair, First Officer Chris Gruner; Strategic Planning Chair, Capt. Ronan O’Donoghue; and Membership Chair, Capt. Will Swoveland. Topics include the bid award process which has been redesigned to ensure seniority will be honored and should help pilots when making decisions about how to bid. The panel also answers a number of recurring questions.

A one-stop-shop of LOA related information has been created on the website and can be found on the Voluntary Leave and Incentive Line LOAs page. If pilots still have questions, call the Contract Compliance Team at (888) 767-2228. For questions directly related to retirement, contact a member of the Retirement and Insurance (R&I) Committee. The CCT phone number and contact information for R&I Committee members may be found on the webpage linked above.

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